Best places to Mountain Bike in Costa Rica - Rio Perdido

Costa Rica is famous for it's steep hills, jungle and sabana's, however did you know when you mix these with a Hard-Tail or Double Suspension Mountain Bike you get a Costa Rica Twist!

There are many types of Mountain Biking here in Costa Rica from Single Track to Downhill, however if you are looking to combine biking with exploring an adventure, look no further than Rio Perdido Resort & Spa in Bagaces, Guanacaste.


This hotel offers one of the best tracks I have biked in Costa Rica and is suitable for  Families to Pro, and they do get some Pro's that visit and get tested by what these guys have to offer.  The hotel can offer guides if you want, however if you are just looking to go explore on your own, the tracks are open from sunrise at 5.30am for the eager beaver to 3.30pm (gets a little hot in the PM).

Rio Perdido quotes:

'our track offers rock segments, sand, raw earth…bridges, ramps, banks, and even a few downhills in the advanced circuit.'

What I would highly suggest is flying into San Jose (Bicirent +506 8632-0195 can deliver the bikes to you on arrival), then you can drive to Rio Perdido and be ready the next day to hit the tracks and then afterwards soothe your Mountain Bike muscles in their natural hot springs while enjoying the surrounding nature.

For more information please feel free to contact us directly (+506 8632-1095 or or contact Rio Perdido using the below info:

Tel: 1-888-326-5070

Rio Perdido Website